Curious about the current state of Facebook? 2012 has been the year of many great achievements and little downfall for the social network. Acquirements of around $838M in 2012 alone, hitting the magical 1 Billion mark of active users and the IPO that turned out to be less magical than expected, but which recently has taken a turn for the better.

Besides the many improvements to the industry Facebook has become, the platform itself has undergone substantial changes the past year as well, improving the marketing potential for brands as well as the level of relevance to the private users. To get the full state of mind of the network and its users, I’ve looked into the summarizing infographic from Website-Monitoring.


The average user

More than 1 Billion active users with close to 60% of them returning to the network on a daily basis, makes it possible to give a generalising, yet fairly specific picture of how the average user interacts with the network. The average user is slightly more prone to be female, access the network from a mobile device and spend 20 minutes on the network on each visit. S/he has an average friend base of 130 people. Adding up these numbers, the network facilitates more than 125 Billion friend connections!


The brands

Adding Timeline applications to pages is not the only 2012 change that has been of great importance to brands interacting with their consumers on the network. Earlier this week, we looked into the recent changes Facebook has made to EdgeRank, concluding once again that on its own, content is king; Combined with Facebook ads, content is God. The Top 5 brands that seem to have understood these rules of engagement judging from their massive fan base are:

  1. Coca-Cola
  2. Disney
  3. Converse
  4. Red Bull
  5. Starbucks

Combining the intelligence on the Facebook users with the brand interaction, the network users install apps more than 20 million times a day. An average of 80% of all businesses are connecting with customers on Facebook and more than 1 million websites are integrated with Facebook. Check out the full infographic for further insights on the network that in 8 years and 8 months grew from a simple University site to a global state of mind used by around 1/7 of the world’s population: