The French vodka brand Grey Goose just launched an innovative social campaign to tell their brand story based on Instagram and Pinterest in order to drive awareness for the new Grey Goose Cherry Noir. The campaign revolves around the fictitious, mysterious and fashionable ”Hotel Noir” and is a complement to the tv commercial and the more elaborate online version of the video.

Every week, a new chapter of the story is added inspired by the themes in the video. The interesting part is that the story is not unfolded by the brand, but by a selection of Instagram photographers – Dan Cristea (@konstruktivist), Andie Drye (@andielinn), Chris Ozer (@chrisozer) and Kai Regan (@blitzkregan) – using the hashtag #hotelnoir.



A Pinterest board accompanies each weakly chapter and expands on the narrative.

All the content is also featured on the brand’s website along with a weekly Cherry Noir cocktail recipe, as well as on the brand’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.


Reaching out to Instagram influencers

As we have discussed repeatedly here on the blog, mobile and social are increasingly becoming inseparable. Grey Goose has elegantly captured this trend with their new campaign. And by using these relatively new social platforms, Grey Goose positions itself as a first mover brand and targets a young, hip audience.

Making popular Instagrammers brand ambassadors allows the brand to reach potential customers in a creative and surprising way. Ambassador programs are most commonly seen in the blogosphere, so this Instagram ambassador campaign positions Grey Goose as a pioneer. As I wrote in my blog post ‘How to Boost Your Number of Followers on Instagram’, this is a very efficient way to build brand awareness and strengthen your brand reputation.

By making episodic content and through the use of the hashtag #hotelnoir, Grey Goose manages to build suspense and allows users to follow the read thread of the storytelling. The hashtag also creates awareness about the brand and invites Instagrammers to take part in the story by creating and sharing their own content.


Many brands will most certainly follow the lead of Grey Goose and engage in similar mobile and social campaigns. What do you think about the campaign?