Recently, the social network Facebook reached a total of 1 billion users worldwide. A number that is almost too large to fathom. In a social media world where consumers and users are increasingly applying a SoLoMo (Social Local Mobile) attitude towards their social networks, the number of active users of the mobile Facebook app is therefore an indicator of what is to come.543 million active Facebook users, meaning more than half of all Facebook users, regularly use the mobile app to access their profile. No wonder Facebook recently launched an updated version of their app in order to meet the requests of their users.


Facebook Mobile Penetration

The numbers from have been collected throughout May – Aug 2012 and are therefore reasonably fresh insights into the world of Facebook on mobile as it is right now. Looking at the infographic, especially the high percentages of mobile penetration in e.g. Swaziland 92.5% and Nigeria 87.5% are very impressive. Though this penetration rate is extremely extraordinary, we still see North America, Asia and Europe as the predominant mobile users, which is not too surprising.


How your brand can benefit from these number

So how are these numbers relevant to your brand? Obviously, they are saying loud and clear, that mobile is happening right now. Facebook is the most widely spread mobile consumer app as well as the preferred social media channel to most brands. This means that thinking mobile into your Facebook campaigns and content is paramount – not to mention the great ad opportunities the newly updated Facebook app presents. Point being, if your brand’s Facebook applications can’t be reached by mobile, you have potentially just lost an exponentially large part of your fans. And more critically, your fans will probably be aggravated by broken links or inapt applications, which could eventually lead to a decrease in user engagement on your page.

Is your brand taking the mobile movement seriously?