For less than a month ago, we wrote a blog post summing up all of the major changes made by Facebook during 2012. Today, we will give you yet another update on the explosive Facebook developments relevant to Page Admins controlling brand communities on Facebook. In short, it’s all about targeting.

Know your target groups – and aim directly at them!
In all areas of communication and marketing, knowing your audience and receivers is crucial to be successful. In social media, this is the core of all activities and the aim of all metrics measurements: “How do we write and what do we post in order to get our target group to interact – and how are we performing?” Well, once you have figured out how to target who, these new features on Facebook will be heaven sent.

Taking targeting a step further

Facebook’s geo-targeting feature (location and language) has been around for some time now.

Only available to a few Pages at the moment, the new targeting features will not only include the geographical targeting options, but will also include the following demographic as well as interest targeting options:

– Age
– Gender
– Interested in
– Relationship status
– Education
– Workplace

This creates unique content possibilities to all brands, as you will be able to focus your content directly to a certain segment of your target group. If you are a brand with a diverse user population, you will be able to create content that aims directly at a segment in each of these target groups.

Let’s exemplify it:
Your company sells high quality ice cream and has a target group of 25-40 y/o, as they are more likely to have money to spend on your product. However, the majority of your fan base is 13-18 y/o because your brand identity is very appealing to this age group. These new features will allow you to keep your tone of voice and visual identity, meanwhile targeting more precisely at a specific segment: you are given the opportunity to create content that interacts directly and exclusively with your actual target group. You can post content purely targeting single women age 25-30, the next day a post that only targets those of your fans who have en interest in football – or you could do both on the same day, meanwhile still posting the regular content that appeals to the greater fan base.

Basically, you will be able to interact directly with all of your users – but through separate pieces of content to separate segments of your target group.

What will it look like?
The following photos are from a guide Facebook has sent out to some Page Admins, so this is presumably what we are looking forward to:


How would you utilise these new features once they are released?


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