Social Media Gone Mobile


Yesterday, Facebook reinforced their analytics module, Insights, to encompass reach data on users interacting via a mobile device:

What’s the big deal?
So, what is the big deal about this upgraded version of Insights? Well, obviously it’s going to make life a little easier for the social media people wanting to analyse the Big Data produced in the Big Data Application that is Facebook. More importantly, the upgrade is a clear indication that mobile is to be takien seriously in social media. According to a study made by Lightspeed Research, a staggering 73% of Facebook’s mobile users access the platform on a daily basis from their smartphone app. An additional 19% of the mobile users access Facebook at least once a week on their smartphone. A point that Marlene covered in yesterday’s post.

Crunching the numbers
Astounding numbers, but to fully understand the impact of mobile in social media, you need to know just how big a share of the total amount of Facebook’s users is actually using the mobile app. made an infographic back in May 2012, so the numbers can only be assumed to have risen:

More than half of the users are mobile. These numbers put together means that nearly 360M Facebook users check the app on their mobile device on a daily basis.

The social media market it gearing up
It is not only BDAs that are gearing up for the mobile platform. This year’s Cannes Lions included a new category specifically targeted mobile campaigns, Mobile Lions, once again indicating the growing demand and attention to mobile devices’ influence on how we interact on social media platforms. See the Grand Prix winning mobile campaign from Coca-Cola here.

Where do you start?
Not sure about this talk of mobile yet? It doesn’t have to be too complicated or time consuming to incorporate mobile into your existing social networks. As Marlene advised yesterday, you can simply start by making sure that your blog and landing pages are compatible with mobile devices.

If you are planning on setting up an app for your brand, Lightspeed Research’s statistics further revealed that tablet users have a tendency of using business apps (63%) or banking/finance apps (56%) on a daily basis and “only” 32% connect daily to social networks on their tablet. This seems to indicate that the mobile users make use of different mobile devices to different apps, which is worth considering when optimising you apps for mobile.

Has your brand integrated the mobile platform into your strategies yet?


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