Are you considering which social networking site to spend your time and money on? The web design company has compiled an infographic that compares the latest user statistics of the social networking sites Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin and Pinterest to see which one has the highest user activity.

It is no surprise that Facebook takes the lead. By far, Facebook has the most users and visitors to their site. However, looking at the average time spent per month, Pinterest ties with Facebook. Maybe this is due to the fact that Pinterest is a more engaging interface based on visual content – maybe it has also something to do with the fact that it is still newsworthy.

The infographic gives you a clear indicator on how the different platforms are doing. Let us know if you have any take on the future of the social networks.

user activity comparison

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  • Landmark Tax Group

    Great infographic. Thank you for the very useful information.

  • Stephanie Winans

    So many great takeaways in this one. Thanks for the updates stats, especially on user demographics. 

  • Anonymous

    Great work! Confirms my belief that Pinterest is ideal for the group I wish to target.

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  • Marshamilton

    wow..amazing demographics….i will digg it to my blog…check this out
    James Earl Hamilton Marsden

  • Ellie Pham

    Great infographic!!! However, I found that data was wrong in ‘Male-Female ratio’ section. For example, in terms of Pinterest, the big light blue part (male) means only 31.8% while the small dark blue part (female) means 68.2%. There are the same mistakes for showing data of Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. What I confused is, the numbers were put in the wrong side, or the ratio between light blue and dark blue were the other way around.

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  • Stephanie L Davis

    Fantastic infographic! And the details are very helpful. Great insight. 

  • Anonymous

    Yup, this makes sense – Google is forcing brands etc to use it despite the fact that nobody actually wants or needs it… so they login, post a few articles and then go away again.

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  • bestwatchtou

    Which Social Network Has The Highest User Activity?

  • Dewbert

    Some of the Google+ results are false because, if you had a Google
    account or a YouTube account, Google has forced you to be a Google+
    member. I only had a YouTube account and now (against my wishes) I have a
    Google account and a Google+ account. I have never been on Google+ on
    purpose — only accidentally when trying to change Google’s confusing
    account settings.

  • Dewbert

    Just curious, how are they forcing companies to use Google+?