On our blog, we have previously written about an infographic that illustrates how social networking accounts for a huge amount of time spend online and relates content sharing to brands, but this new infographic from Go-Gulf takes a slightly closer look at how people around the world split their time across different online activities. It also predicts the most popular online activities and trends of the future.

To pull out just a few interesting facts:

  • 30% of the world’s entire population is now online, and the global time spend online per month is equivalent to 3,995,444 years. The average time spend by users is 16 hours per month (32 hours for US residents).
  • Social networking is the most popular and time consuming online activity – with users spending more than one fifth (22%) of their time engaging on social media channels. This means that more than 250 million tweets and 800 million Facebook status updates are now published every single day.
  • Google has the highest amount of unique visitors each month (153,441,000), but Facebook is not far behind, and people spend about 4 times as much time on Facebook as on Google (7 hours and 45 minutes vs. 1 hour and 47 minutes).
  • Location-based services, that allow users to “check in” and connect with others based on their current location such as Foursquare and Facebook Places, are currently the fastest growing area of interest and the fastest growing trend of the future.

For more statistics, here is the infographic: