reportRecently, a report called “How Marketers Are Using Social Media To Grow Their Businesses” was released by Social Media Examiner. The report uncovers the “who, what, where, when and why” of social media marketing.

This study is based on a survey conducted for more than 3,800 marketers, with the goal of understanding how they are using social media to grow and promote their businesses. Most participants of the survey (57%) were based in the United States followed by Canada (9%),United Kingdom (9%) and Australia (5%). The respondents were evenly distributed between B2B  (51%) and B2C (49%) to know the opinion of people from both the industries.

Here are some key highlights of the report:

Use of social media for marketing: The survey began by understanding how important the participants thought that social media was for their business and also if they were familiar with it. Here are two charts that show the responses. The first chart shows the statistics for the question “Are you using social media for your business?” The second chart looks at the importance of social media for businesses.

use of socialmediaimportance of socila media Untitled 2

The time commitment: The report covers weekly hours that marketers invest in their social media efforts. Further, it goes to analyse the dependence of time invested in social media on the experience, age factor as well as the employee count of the organisation.

weekly hours spent insocial media

The benefits of social media marketing: This section reveals all the major advantages marketers are achieving through their social media efforts. The report also looks at the importance of the size of the organisation and the time they have been using social media for in each of these factors.

benefits of social media

Commonly used social media services : Here we get to look at different tools marketers are currently using as well as looking to learn more about in future.

commonly used socialmedia channels

Social media sites people want to learn more about : In this section, you see the up-and-coming tools that marketers are most interested in learning about. In later sections, the report also looks at each of these channels individually to understand marketers’ interest in them.

channels people want to learn more about

Other analysis : The report also examines social media outsourcing and how marketers plan on using other forms of marketing. In addition, it also highlights how B2B companies differ from B2Ccompanies and whether the size of a business has any bearing on results. Since this survey has been done annually for the the last 4 years, it is possible to highlight significant changes since the 2011 study.

I think this report adds value to everyone working with social media- be it the beginners or experienced professionals. It is especially good for people who are yet to step into the social media world and introduce this to their business. It is good to see the tools, channels, time invested to optimise the expenses and reap maximum benefit from social media.

This report is free and available for immediate download until April 19.

>> Download the report here.