SXSW is a sizzling hub for the rising stars of social media. Consequently, representing Mindjumpers at this year’s conference included meeting with a variety of these passionate and engaged newcomers in the social media ballgame (see my blog post on, April 3rd 2012).


Mobilizing target networks online

During the inspiring days in Austin, I also had the chance to meet the co-founder and CEO of Gushcloud, Vincent Ha, for a chat about their new social media marketing platform. Gushcloud is a platform where brands are helped to actively mobilize their target groups across the various social media channels with just a few easy clicks.


Transparency of Community

The idea of Gushcloud, according to Vincent, is to create a social media marketing platform out of the ordinary, where companies can reach a number of target participants (“Gushers”), or influencers, and then mobilize the participants’ networks by rewarding these Gushers for sharing something in their social networks, downloading an application, blogging about a product launch or completing the marketing surveys etc.:

“Gushcloud is more than a social media marketing tool. It’s an open, transparent and growing community of influencers that brands can tap into.” Vincent Ha, co-founder and CEO of Gushcloud.


Growing at a great pace!

Launched on October 18th 2011, Gushcloud’s community now reaches close to 40 million people through Gushers’ sharing, tweeting, downloading applications and blogging about products, events or brands in their networks.

Vincent emphasizes that the reach of the community enables the Gushcloud team to ensure their clients a great return on the marketing money spent on the Gushers, seeing that they only reward for the “gushing” made by these and not for the further spread in their network.


How does it work?

Basically, let’s say a company rewards Gushers anywhere from $0.25 upwards for every tweet or link shared about a company’s new product. The outcome of a completed Gusher-task is then twofold: The Gusher gets rewarded and may enter a prize pool while the company gets exposure in the Gusher’s network. A network that has been specified to match the company’s target groups through the choice of Gushers within the Gushcloud community.


Presently, Gushcloud has been launched in Singapore and Malaysia; is in Beta for the United States and has offices in Indonesia and Australia coming up this year.


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