Every blogger wants to break through the clutter and be heard. Blogs are an important channel of communication, a platform to talk and be heard. Most of the time, bloggers will know the right things to do, write and talk about on our blog, but are often not able to put things in perspective or overlook them.

Here is an interesting infographic that can be used as a ready reckoner whenever you are planning content for your blog. I borrowed this from Heidi Cohen‘s blog called Actionable Marketing.

This infographic brings out some points that we always have at the back of our heads while charting out content, but often overlook.

Connections: While writing on your blog, you must keep in mind the motive of writing a blog. The aim is to be seen, network and encourage people to engage with your content. Another way to increase your blog’s visibility is to invite guest bloggers, who according to you are the influencers in your field and also open up for fresh ideas.

Content: An important part of the any blog is content. It is always good to note who are you talking to and accordingly design the content and language. It is always good to have catchy, but easy to understand headlines with visual content like photos or videos where ever relevant. Visual content is easy to absorb and remember for readers. Also, it is good to create conversations and possibly end your post with a question. This encourages users to answer, engage with content and share their opinion, otherwise people read the content and do not remember it for long.

Conversions: It is good to encourage people to comment on your blog and in turn you too should maintain a conversation flow and respond to comments on your blog. It is advisable to engage and encourage the readers to share content and engage with you.

For better insights into all these topics, here is the infographic. Let us know if you think that these suggestions will help your blog.