Become an EdgeRank Ninja

Most people working strategically with Facebook have probably heard of EdgeRank by now. It is Facebook’s algorithm that determines what content that will be displayed in the user’s news feed. We all have a limit to how much information we can take in, and therefore Facebook calculates what content that will be brought to you from friends and pages. This means that if you are running a page, all your efforts in creating good content may be wasted if your updates do not reach your users in the first place.

Data driven content

Basically the main purpose for Facebook is to present the most relevant content for the users and also let them discover content they might be interested in. The way Facebook works is based on data about users: the friends they have, what they like, what actions they make and so on. So based on user behaviour, Facebook can be quite specific about what content to display. Of course, for marketers, this is a huge potential of creating relevant and personalized user experiences.

Last month, Awareness Networks and Raidious elaborated on this on a webinar, explaining about how to optimize content to achieve EdgeRank success. According to Taulbee Jackson, President and CEO of Raidious, Facebook is getting closer to achieving the data-driven marketer’s dream of capturing deep user preference insights that will empower marketers to connect products with both the known and unrealized needs of their target audience.

EdgeRank tactics

In the end this boils down to getting some of the tactics right such as improving EdgeRank by maybe posting content in rich media formats. Also another piece of advice is to keep testing and optimizing your efforts – for instance testing different timing and type of content.

Watch the presentation for the webinar here to get more information on EdgeRank. The presentation will take you through some points on how EdgeRank works, what effect it has on users and engagement and what it might mean to Facebook in the future. Soon you’ll be an EdgeRank Ninja too.