Beginning of 2012 has brought in a lot of predictions and opportunities. Another chance to look at the social media universe, analyse the trends and make the strategies. But before starting this, it is always good to look back at how 2011 has been for our different sites and then go on to predict how it would be in future. I feel, these statistics can help you figure out which network has the right demographics for your brand, age and income group.

Our data sources for this article were Xposure and Nielson.

UK Facebook statistics


Facebook now has a reach of just over 30 million unique users for the UK. That means the proportion of the UK total population registered with the site is fast approaching 50%.

The demographic breakdown is even more interesting, though. 25-34 year olds are now the largest age group on Facebook as we enter 2012, with users under 17 years making up just 5% of the user base. Therefore, it is good to note that 95% of the population is adult age group.

Another important fact to note is that 42% of users claim to be in the £30k-£49,999 income bracket – and the second most highly represented bracket is £50k plus, at 22%!

fb incomefb age

Therefore there is a great deal of potential for high-end luxury brands to meet their right customers base.

UK Twitter statistics:


Twitter has shown explosive growth this year, with the number of reported users more than doubling from 12 million to 26 million.
witter’s age profile is again dominated by the 25-44 age group, accounting for over 60% of users.twitter age

twitter income









LinkedIn also continues to grow, and now looks to reach around 10% of the UK population.

Its users have some way to go to be as dedicated as Facebook’s though, with an average visit lasting less than half the time spent on Facebook. It is also good to know that in terms of disposable income, LinkedIn has the highest percentage of people in the high income group.

linkedin income

linkedin age


Tumblr is another platform to watch, with major growth during 2011 and Nielson’s third quarter report putting it at #2 in the UK by page views.

Google+ made its debut to great excitement in 2011, According to socialtimes, the UK total user base is still under one million – and globally, only 17% of those signing up become regular, active users.

The losers, Bebo and MySpace continue their steady decline, while image-sharing site Flickr maintains its user base of around four million.