“Like a disease, social media proliferation will leave companies crippled — unless they develop a strategy to manage now. Some companies have opened a virtual Pandora’s box: We found that global corporations are struggling to manage an average of 178 business-related social media accounts — a number that will only grow.”

sociam media proliferationThe above lines are from the executive summary in a new report published last night/CET (5/1-2012).

The report is named ‘A Strategy for Managing Social Media Proliferation’ and conducted by Jeremiah Owyang from Altimeter Group.

A couple of months ago, I had a chance to sit down with Jeremiah, get interviewed for this report and as ‘Social Media Strategy’ is one of my own core focus areas – I have been waiting for the report with great anticipation.

Get account control now, using software and services – or risk a career of continual social media sanitation’ reads the sub line of the report based on a survey amongst 144 enterprise-class corporations, 32 vendors and qualitative interviews with 61 industry experts.

Strategy and Business Objectives

The report is a must read, especially, for executives in larger enterprises who are serious about leveraging the opportunities in social media – and it all starts with the strategy and business objectives:

‘Adoption of social media is high among brands, yet most do not have a clear strategy. Consider that, on average, 70% of enterprises said that social media efforts meet business objectives (Figure 1). Yet an average of just 43% said they had a formalized strategy roadmap that addresses how social will meet specific business goals.1 This comparison indicates that many companies think they are achieving goals, often without having defined goals or determining how they will be achieved. Jonas Klit Nielsen of agency MINDJUMPERS reiterated, “Brands don’t invest enough in strategy, and haven’t determined business goals.” This symptom of “fire, ready, aim” will continue as new business units within the corporation continue to adopt social technologies — this is just the start.

5 Key Reasons for Reading this Report!

–   View of the biggest challenge for corporations in relation to social media

–   Five use cases for Social Media Management

–   A decision making tool for Social Media Management Tools based on the five user cases.

–   Step by step roll out program in the corporation

–   Easy 8 Resource checklist

There is no doubt in that you will find the report worth reading and sharing with your colleagues interested in this field. Enjoy and please let me know what you think below or shout out on twitter – @klit_nielsen

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