Social media is the now a hot spot for all brands, though it presents an amazing opportunity to create a presence and connect with customers, but on the hind side, it is quite easy to get the whole thing wrong. For this purpose, it is imperative to understand user’s behaviour on social media – in terms of which channels are they most receptive to, how do they interact with brands and which kind of content is most attractive to them.

The survey findings:

In order to dive deeper into this topic AYTM Market Research surveyed 2,000 internet users. The researchers asked a variety of questions about how users like to get updates about brands, where they like to hang out online, the kinds of people brand managers can expect to encounter in the social media universe, and whether prospective customers prefer to interact with brands on social media.

Customer Behaviour on Social Media:

Data collected from this research has been collected in an informative infographic with different sections talking about behavioural aspects of customers. A lot has been said about the influencing power of Facebook and Twitter users and how it effects other fans. Further, the infographic shows some interesting personalities of relatively the same age group, drawn on the basis of their social media behavior, concluding how can they work as influencers for brands.

Apart from this, the infographic covers a lot of interesting areas, which make a lot of sense for brands like how do consumers like to connect with brands and which kind of updates attract their attention. Take a look at the infographic below :