Engagement is one of the key words when it comes to social media. Creating content, reaching out to your fans and acquiring some more is what all of us aim for when updating our Facebook page or writing blogs. Therefore, it is necessary to understand that which kind of activity creates maximum engagement, reaches to maximum number of people and hence works wonders for your brand.

For this purpose, today I have written about a research by EdgeRank Checker where they examined a random sample of 5,500+ Facebook Pages, to understand engagement rates through different activities on Facebook – Like, Share, Comment. For this purpose, they analyzed over 80,000 of their Posts over the month of October (2011). 

Share of time spent on Facebook:

To begin with, it is very important to see where your fans spend maximum time, so that you focus on the right areas. Here are some statistics given out by comScore, which we see again and again, but make a lot of sense when quoted here too. Three out of four US Internet users visit Facebook daily according to comScore. Since participants spend a large part of their time (27%) on the homepage and news feed, this area has a greater impact on engagement.


Publishing frequency and effect on reach:

On an average, businesses posting content five out of seven days a week reach 16% of their fans. These results are in line with the reach between participants and their friends. According to recent Facebook analysis, a user’s status update reaches about eight friends (or 12% of their friends).

Additionally, the analysis suggests that increase in content publishing frequency from the Facebook Page directly increases fan reach. Each post on Facebook roughly reaches about 2.5% of fans. This makes sense since blog post frequency also improves reach. It is important to understand that content and publishing frequency must align with fan expectations or they would not be interested in your page anymore.

Further, each fan has the potential to reach another thirty-four friends, according to Facebook analysis of the top 100 brand pages.

Likes, Shares and Comments:

To make your Facebook page more effective, recent EdgeRank Checker research shows that you have to go beyond just posting content. Content needs to generate engagement from fans like comments, likes and shares.

Specifically, the findings show that content which has received one like on an average had 3 clicks, while for a comment it gets 15 clicks. Here are the statistics:

  • Avg Clicks Per Like: 3.103
  • Avg Clicks Per Comment: 14.678
  • Avg Clicks Per Impression: 0.005

Therefore, comment results in roughly 4 times the amount of Clicks. It was discovered in the research that shares and clicks vary on different days, which is a further extension of statistics we read in Buddy Media report, where we saw engagement rates differ on a daily basis. This is good to keep this in mind when working on your conversational calendar. Here is a graph which shows the same.


Shares, Clicks and Page Size :

Shares are very important in driving more exposure to your content. Sometimes asking your users to Share a Post can be enough to help the content spread further.

While most of the EdgeRank Checker research focused on larger company pages, it’s significant to note that smaller companies had more interaction. This is attributable to having a more targeted base where it’s easier to create tailored content.

Here is a graph that shows how shares and clicks vary by page size.


So, it is good to make a note of all this while working on your content and publishing schedule. Is there anything that you would like to share with us, we would love to hear :)

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