What NOT To Do On Facebook

Recently, we wrote a blog post on what customers expect when they Like a brand on Facebook with the help of different studies.

In the following post, we will take the discussion further by highlighting why  fans do not Like your page on Facebook which will give us a checklist of things NOT to do while operating a page like a brand.

While operating as a brand on Facebook, it is not only important to get customers, but it is also important to retain them and make them stick to your brand. For the same reason, it is advisable to understand your customer’s mind and work your strategies to suit them. This would make your customers comfortable in associating with your brand.

In this blog post too we will take the help of the data collected by ExactTarget.

Here are some interesting survey findings, which can be useful to understand why customers hesitate before Liking a brand:

  • 39% of Facebook users that Like at least one brand stated that brands should never interpret the Like as permission to post marketing messages that would appear in the News Feed.
  • However, to the benefit of brands, the majority feel that it’s sometimes OK to post marketing messages. This exemplifies how the brand’s perception of a Like differs from the perception of consumers.

Here are some survey findings that shows the kind of content people usually Like on Facebook:


what not to do on facebook

What not to do on Facebook as a brand:

When operating on Facebook, retaining and maintaining your fan base is as important a task as getting a fan to Like your brand. A customer can Like you if your page and content appeals to him, but in order to generate value out of the relationship, the key is to keep them interested in your brand and not to breach their trust.

Yet, when consumers Like a brand page, brands may misinterpret this action as permission to extract personal information about friends and friends of friends to help personalized marketing.

Overall, 56% of survey respondents indicated that marketers should not access public profile information even after a Like. For those businesses that seek deeper insights into consumer preferences and behavior, consider developing an app. However, before you do, consider the value that you will offer in exchange for priceless information that consumers connections will offer through a trusting act of opting-in.

what not to do on Facebook 2


  • few days back when the security of Facebook is effected the main coz of that is the third party application which share user information 

  • we should be careful before using any third party applications

  • The worms of third part applications hack the servers of facebook few days back so take precautions while using

  • Use your e-mail address as the contact for their account so that you receive their notifications and monitor their activities. The kids don’t have bad intentions but they can goof very easily. For example, a kid who posts the comment “Dad goes to pick up Mom in one hour, I have to finish home work” every day at the same time is revealing too much about the parents’ regular schedule, is like putting an door add ”hey, non of them are home until xxx hour.”

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  • Just take precaution toward third party application it will prevent FB account through worms