Bloggers are one of the key influencers in the online sphere. Working with social media PR a lot of good publicity can be gained from getting the right mention of a large blog. Just like journalists in traditional media, bloggers in social media should not be taken lightly and an appropriate plan must be made if you as a brand wish  to include blogger outreach to your social media efforts.

The opinion of bloggers are heard and respected by thousands, but unfortunately, many companies still ignore their reach. However, compared to traditional media, bloggers can provide you with personal stories that adds authenticity and word-of-mouth to a product and the experience with it.

By targeting and building relationships with bloggers who address your audience, it is possible to garner effective, unbiased reviews of your products. Their readers will be introduced to your brand, get interested in it, visit your site, and in the end do what you truly want: to buy.

There are many things to consider, such as having a good approach to the bloggers and making sure that any mention will be transparent to their readers. In the following, we will give you some basic tips to consider, if you are ready to do blogger outreach:

1. Find the right fit for your brand: In order to build lasting relationships with bloggers, it is good to understand what holds their interest and what kind of customers do they reach out to, through their blogs. The target customers of the bloggers you aim to reach out to should be more or less similar to your target list. Bloggers will only respond to you, if your topic is relevant to their blog, so make sure to have your research in order.

2. “Pitch”, it’s all in the word: When trying to reach out to the bloggers, you will need to customize each of the ‘pitch’ individually. There is no such thing as a standardized press release to be sent out or any standardized pitch. Each document that has to be sent out for blogger’s attention has to be modified and toned down to his style. It’s good to explain why he and his readers should care about your brand and present it with a story suitable for the blog in question. And remember, that it doesn’t harm to make it personal. Tell who you are and what you wish to accomplish so that everything is transparent.

3. Integrate it to build relationships: Like all social media, blogger outreach can be interwoven with your wider marketing strategy. Any time you have a new post on someone’s blog, tweet it, put it on your Facebook Page, share it on bookmarking sites and link to it on your company blog.  That will solidify the relationship for further partnerships. Monitor the mentions you get and be ready to comment, answer questions and make replies to those who write about you.

Is there anything I have missed out here? We would love to know :)