engaging updates imageAfter a brand’s page is set up and the launch social media strategy is in place, the next task is to talk on behalf of the brand and start creating engaging conversation around consumer passion points.

Earlier on our blog, we have written about how to write engaging updates and the tips for it. Since this topic is of great relevance for brands, including Mindjumpers, we decided to put it in an infographic with some best practice additions from our experience.

Having a high level of engagement on your updates will make your status updates rank higher in your fans’ news feeds and thus be more exposed. On the other hand, updates that are not working well are like a vicious circle. If no one is interacting with your content, it is less likely to be featured in your fans’ feeds and your status updates may never reach more than a few people. You can read more about this on our blog in the post on EdgeRank. However, our Social Designers at Mindjumpers have put their heads together in order to list some suggestions on how to write engaging updates and create visibility in your fans news feeds, which can also be used as a ready reckoner!

What does the infographic say?

The infographic shows the key elements that you should keep in mind in order to write engaging updates with focus on content, conversational touch points, content planning, tone of voice, publishing time and work flow. With the infographic we suggest:

  • Post only 5-10% sales oriented updates, while the rest should focus on consumer passion points, as advised by many Facebook experts.
  • Include photos and videos as often as possible, because fans interact more often with visual content and it ranks higher in terms of EdgeRank.
  • Keep the updates short and focused, because it is easier to read and assimilate.
  • Provide easy call for action by asking questions and explicitly encouraging users to comment or like your post.
  • Finally, the content needs a coherent, trustworthy and human touch through the topics you cover and the tone of voice you use in your writing.

Take a look at the infographic here – and please let us know if you have any suggestions:

How write engaging updates Infographic

  • Good info! The never miss proofreading point is quite important. On that note, there is a grammar mistake in your second paragraph. I think it should be us instead of so. 

  • Charu

    Hi Nic,

    Thanks for your comment. We’re happy that you like our infographic! It wasn’t a grammar mistake, but maybe we didn’t explain ourselves properly. So we changed it :)

    Best, Charu.