With the Internet becoming a competitive universe to operate in, social media platforms are regularly innovating and trying to establish themselves as commercially viable. Businesses are also tactically focusing on the demographics and messaging on each of their social media channels to decide what to focus on, what to say, how to target those present and whether being present on that channel is value for money.

It is also a good idea to assess a network’s position as a communication platform and identify a usage pattern. Also, since most global companies recognize the need for geo-targeting, it would also be of great value to know which platforms are popular in your target market and which locations generate the maximum traffic on it. Another important thing to note here is the emergence of the trend of a channel being used for a specific function.

One of such platforms whose value for business and utility is being questioned is Twitter. Launched in 2006, Twitter is popularly called the “SMS of internet”. Recently, the service recorded 200 million accounts, drawing the maximum number of users from the US. With the addition of image gallery to Twitter, the platform looks bright and updated. In a survey conducted, I realized that the maximum number of people use it to know more about products and services and even for inquiries and opinions.

I found an infographic by Problogger, which questions the existence of Twitter as a communication channel, shows how people use it and what we should keep in mind while using Twitter.

Take a look at the infographic here:



  • Why not.
    Twitter is a best social network and that is being used by most of the total users of social network in world.So its damn sure that this social net work will generate the required results.