Google+Growth-25-Millions-600x324Google+ has registered the fastest user growth when compared to its social networking counterparts. The site reached 10 million users early on and 20 million in mid July. The August figures are registered around 25 million users.

As Google continued to roll out their “by invitation only” beta, users lined up around the block. But when the network revamped its G+ invite system, giving each person 150 invites, we expected an exponential increase in activity on Google+. However, according to a Chitika study, traffic peaked on the 21st of July and has been declining since.

Recent Studies on Google+ :
While browsing more on this topic, I found an interesting study by Bime, a data visualization firm, which shows the growth story of Google+ taking a sample of 10 million users. This study establishes that the number of the users seems to have certainly shot up, almost doubled, but whether the network has been able to keep the users engaged is not clear. Could it possibly mean that Google+ was just a fad and people are back to good old Facebook after trying their hand on Google+?

It was observed that 83% of users in this study are classified as “inactive”, which clearly explains the reason for decline in traffic. The study also shows a shift in user demographics as the platform has been attracting more students as compared to tech workers in its beta phase.

The study has been laid out in form of an interesting infographic – or rather interactive dashboard – so please click on the picture below to view the statistics in full screen:

googleplus2 450x1024 Google+ User Statistics Part II   How have the demographics shifted since G+ came out of beta?
Source: Google+ User Statistics Part II –
There are a few things to note before diving into the data. 1. The data is taken from a SAMPLE, not from the whole G+ population. 2. People are indexed at random for the sample. 3. It’s a snapshot in time! The numbers will have again slightly shifted since the dashboard was created. Data was used from over a period of 2 days, between the 16th and the 18th of August 2011.

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