Using Social Media to Give a Shit to a Good CauseAt Mindjumpers, we have just been informed about a great new non-profit organization,, which is about making people give a shit and support a good cause by using your social networks.

It’s an interesting campaign that really emphasizes how important a part social media has become in our society, where both businesses and individuals are using social platforms to spread the word about brands and connect with customers in a more effective way. Here, we will tell you more about the campaign.

Show that you care
is a bit different from other charities, since it’s not asking people to donate money. This organization has a new way of approaching and awakening public opinion and awareness to the problems existing in the world. is only asking you to give a shit. Pick a good cause and show that you give a shit about it. As they say on their Facebook page: “If individuals alone could change the world, what could groups of passionate people do?”

Spread the word through your networks
To give a shit doesn’t take more than a Facebook update or a tweet, maybe only a Facebook page “like”. And this is where there power of social media comes into the picture. The average Facebook user has 130 friends on the network, so if one person “likes” the page named Give-a-sh1t or posts an update, we are probably going to see a fast spread of the campaign – and maybe across several social platforms.

The campaign makes use of the “give a shit” in a very literal way, which we also get to see in the campaign video featuring Nikki Reed from Twilight. This is probably not something that would have been necessary to make people understand the case, but it definitely makes it stand out and have some kind of fun feature. The campaign is like all other campaigns probably going to be welcomed in many different ways, but there’s no doubt about the fact that it can succeed in creating some social awareness.

Check out the Facebook page by clicking here, watch the video below and then give a shit to a good cause :)