Engage fans in contestsOn social media platforms, especially Facebook, we are beginning to see a lot of different contests. Video, photo and essay contests are the most inherently social promotion apps to run for fans, but not all of these perform equally well.

However, the technology company Wildfire has analyzed the entry rates of thousands of contests run on the Wildfire social media management platform. From this, they have extracted some of the most successful practices for optimizing entry and share rates.

Some of these I would like to present to you here, since I think they have reached some very useful conclusions on how to get more fans to engage in contests. Thus, according to Wildfire, there are some important steps to take into consideration:

Inform about how easy it is

When running a contest, it can be very effective to tell users that it’s easy to participate. It can convince them to do this, when it does not take much time and effort. Use pictures to show what to do. It’s always good to describe visually what you want your fans to do at the same time as pictures create more awareness. It draws attention instead of having to read a heavy text.

Keep it simple and help users on their way

When you ask your fans to come up with a written entry, it’s crucial that you keep it simple in order for them spending time on actually engaging in the contest. If you ask them to write a 500 word statement, there’s a great chance that you’ll end up with a very low number of participants. Instead, you can for example let users finish a sentence or provide a short sentence or slogan they think suits your brand. Remember, the less time and effort it takes to enter your contest, the more entries you’ll get.

How to Get Your Fans to Engage in Contests

Make use of aspirational questions

When posting questions on a Facebook page, it’s always a bit difficult to figure out what questions that actually make people answer and engage in dialogue. However, Wildfire states that they have found that aspirational questions tend to inspire users to submit their entries. This could e.g. be. “What would you do if you were debt-free?” or “If you had a million dollars, what would you do?” These questions are easy to take in and fast to give a response to, and naturally this leads to higher entry rates compared to having to write long statements.

Not all photos are equally popular to share online

When holding a contest about uploading some kind of photo, it’s a fact that not all types of photo requests will result in the same entry rates. However, there are some clear trends towards photos involving pets and kids result in a significantly better outcome. This is therefore worth thinking about if it’s something that can be connected to the contest that you have in mind. And it actually makes good sense, since this is what a lot of people love to share. It’s something they care about – and something they’re proud of.

What do you think? Do you have some good tips to add on how to get the most people to engage in contest?

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