Hootsuite has recently acquired Twitterbar, and now calls it Hootbar. Twitterbar almost got 2 million downloads, so some people are already familiar with how it works, and Hootbar looks a lot like Twitterbar. With the Hootbar it is possible to post to Twitter and Facebook directly from your browser’s address bar.

You don’t need to use any applications, but once you have installed the add-on to your Mozilla Firefox, you get the option of sharing content.

Hootsuite, which you normally use from their website, can be a useful tool if you have to manage several accounts and platforms. The service makes it possible to schedule tweets and updates and to monitor activity on different platforms at one place so you don’t need to run several windows at the same time. If you are a brand who need to keep track of several profiles and platforms, Hootsuite provides you with a management system from where you can plan content and updates.

Browser power

The simplicity of Hootbar lies in the fact that you don’t need to use any extra applications. You tweet and post directly from the address bar of your browser. You follow your update with different commands that can either post the update or open the update in the Hootlet.

The Hootlet is a pop-up window that will open up from where you can select the different accounts and profiles, url-shortener or the option of scheduling the update.

The Hootbar is a simple alternative to using the Hootsuite website. You can read more about the different functionalities on Hootbars Getting Started page or head over to the Hootbar download page.