Maroon 5 and Coca Cola have come together to promote the band’s new song. The thing is – it hasn’t been made yet. For one 24 hour-long session, starting tomorrow March 22 at 5pm GMT, Maroon 5 and Coca Cola invite all fans to interact in the making of the new song. Among other, they use Facebook to reach out to people with the call “Your questions, your choices: you inspire the band as they compose and record an original song, start to finish”. The session will be streamed live on an additional site – for now showing a countdown until the session will start off and integration with Facebook showing the attendants.

This is what I know about the event so far. I’ll keep you updated with further blog posts with more information and analysis. I’m very interested in seeing how the social design and interaction functionalities will look like. Will one individual actually have the ability to affect the lyrics or riffs? And how will that take place? Let’s see how this will be going. To take part, RSVP to their Facebook event.