PR Through Social MediaNow, when we talk about marketing & PR, we are not only talking about the traditional way to do it. Taken into consideration how much social media have affected the way we do business, the same is of course valid within these disciplines as well.

More than ever, businesses have realized that they need to reach their customers by being present where they are, and here social media play a great role by offering great possibilities for connecting and engaging in dialogue with stakeholders.

What to do?

When starting to think of practicing marketing & PR through social media, there are some specific elements that are worth taking into consideration. Here, I will provide a few points which first of all could be very important to keep in mind:

1) You need to make it clear why social media is the right way to go for you, and what goals you are expecting to obtain by this. In other words, an elaborated plan is necessary before throwing yourself out there – and especially also to establish who has the responsibility of social media within the organization and what kind of budget is available for your business to make an (improved) effort.

2) When having established a plan or strategy of activities on social media, it’s a very good idea to produce a social media policy for internal use in your business. This means that all employees are informed on how to handle a social media presence and in this way you also minimize the risk of making unfortunate errors.

3) It’s also a good thing to start monitoring and tracking of your brand, so you can be updated on when somebody mentions you and be aware of what is creating traffic to your site. This can be done by using Google Analytics and Google Alert, just to name a few, both of them being great tools for doing this.

4) By keeping yourself updated on what your customers are saying about you, you can figure out which communities and platforms they are active in and how they engage with each other. This also means that you are able to identify who are the most important stakeholders for you and your brand, and examine what is in their interest in order to reach the ones who have the most influence.

5) Use the information from your stakeholders within the organization as well, and share this with the other employees to get the best insight and feedback. Afterwards, it will be easier to know what is most appealing across your social media presence – and how you could enhance your offerings for customers.

By listing some of the most important things, you hopefully get an idea of how to get started with social media – or improve your current effort. Just remember to never do something that is not thought through, and keep the keywords of listening and engaging in mind in each one of your efforts. Then you’re basically good to go!