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Twitter Client For Your Browser - TicknTalk

I was recently recommended to try out a Twitter client for my browser, TicknTalk. It has three features:

1) Overview of top links of what has been retweeted on Twitter (allows you to stay on top of trending links – and not necessarily only topics).

2) Overview of your profile, your followers, the people you follow and your timeline.

3) Finds the most popular links/tweets for the website you are currently on (brilliant if you are doing research/want to know what’s being said about an organisation or company and are on their website!).

TicknTalk basically does for me what the actual Twitter page does, ie it lists the tweets in your timeline, allows you to view people’s profiles and tweets if you click on their name/profile and should in my honest opinion have a prettier interface. I normally use Tweetdeck, go directly to Twitter’s website or access Twitter from my iPhone (love how easy it is to swap back and forth between links, profiles, direct messages and lists). The problem here is that TicknTalk opens up in a sidebar and takes up too much space in the web browser. If you drag the sidebar so its margin becomes more narrow (so you have more space in your browser), it cuts off the most important thing I would use TicknTalk for, which is number 3 as mentioned above.

It’s a great feature to be able to see what the top links that are being retweeted on Twitter are, especially if you are trying to keep up with what links are trending (rather than just topics). I see this feature as being valuable for marketers to see what type of links are trending, and for everyday Twitter users to keep up with the down low. However, the two features that makes TicknTalk stand out, and the only reason I would use it would be for point 3. It is absolutely brilliant that you can, while surfing the web, see the most popular links on the site you are on (gives you a quicker overview of what’s trending on that site), as well as find the most popular links/tweets for that website on Twitter to see what people are saying about it.

These features are of great value and addition to what’s already out there of Twitter clients, but the interface and the lack of opportunity to personalize it (by adjusting margins to match your browser for example) was a major ‘oh no’ moment for me. I know that TicknTalk has just rolled out on Facebook recently, and because I think it’s a great product, here are three key recommendations to the TicknTalk team:

1) make it easier to customise the TicknTalk sidebar in own browser (for example, so you can select which of the 3 features you want to use/see.

2) allow users to adjust background and font colour.

3) develop a drop-down which can act as a plug-in in the web browser where you can, again, select which of the 3 features you want to use from TicknTalk.

I am curious to see how TicknTalk will develop and adjust as it gets more users. Definitely try it out, and let me know what you think,  or even better, let the TicknTalk team know what you think. Cheers.