#techMAP Monday’s

TehneyatWritten by Tehneyat who currently resides in London, United Kingdom from where she is blogging for Mindjumpers. You can follow Tehneyat on Twitter @tehneyat.

#techMAP Monday'sBeing in London for the past almost 7 weeks now has been an absolute pleasure. Apart from being in the buzzing vibrant city, I have particularly enjoyed the social media scene here, getting to know people, figuring out who’s who, what agency does what, who are Twitter’s cool kids in town and who aren’t! Like everywhere else in the world, social media in London is growing, evolving and there are a lot of great personalities here (online and offline), but also, like everywhere else, a great deal of social media bs’ers. We live and we learn, and we find out what the real deal is all about.

TechMAP events
One of the things I’ve particularly enjoyed so far is attending the techMAP events, which is an initiative started by Barry Furby and Shannon Boudjema. They describe techMAP as ‘the real world and online community that pioneers the evolution of business through the practical application of technology for marketing, advertising and PR professionals across multiple sectors’. What that basically means is that they think technology is the way forward, and the way they want to contribute to the debate is by having an event on the first Monday of the month in cities across the world discussing different topics each time.

The official initiative started in London, is being set up in Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Calgary and Sao Paulo. What’s so cool about this is that all cities will feature the same topic every first Monday of the month and upload their presentations and discussions on to techMAP’s forum after the event. This basically means that whenever a new topic is being debated, you as an individual will be able to tap into the online international community conversation and listen in on thoughts and opinions regarding one specific topic influenced by different cultural and social factors. How neat is that?!

Check out the presentation from the event with Richard Sedley about Social Persuasion in London and check out what techMAP is all about below. Keep your eyes and ears open, and if you want to help start techMAP in your city, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Barry or Shannon.

P.s London is freaking fabulous and I’m loving it!!