Check Your Facebook in Skype

skype integrationThe latest version of Skype will have some serious new features in the package. Skype 5.0 for Windows will have a Facebook tab that allows users to sms, chat or call their Facebook friends.

In your dashboard, you will be able to view your Facebook News Feed and Phonebook almost identical to what you see on Facebook. If your Facebook friends have added their phone number in their Facebook profile you will be able to sms or call directly from Skype.

The Facebook integration is aimed at making us even more social and connected. And with the new features it is possible for people to connect more spontaneously and react on what we see in each others’ feeds.

In short, with the new Skype, you can:
• see your Facebook News Feed in Skype
• post status updates that can be sunced with your Skype mood message
• comment and like friends’ updates and wall posts
• call and sms your Facebook friends on their monile phones and landlines
• make a free Skype call if your Facebook friend is also a Skype contact

Unfornutately, the new Skype is only available for Windows, so all of us Mac lovers will have to be patient. Skype has announced that a new version for Mac OS X is coming soon.
If you’re on Windows, you can download the new Skype here.