The 2010 Social Network Map

social network mapImagine how the world would look like, if it was made of social networks. This is probably an idea that popped into the minds of the people at Flowtown, who made this infographic with the explanation:

“social networks have changed dramatically in the past few years with new networks dominating and other networks fading into internet oblivion”

The graphic shows the many different social networks out there placed into a map – the size of a geographic area corresponding to an estimate size of users of the network. Facebook seems to be the largest country on the map, and it is a really fast indicator of where to spend your social media efforts. It is simple and an illustrative way to show the different scale between networks.

Besides it is a fun idea to include areas such as the ‘volcanic island of iphone apps’, ‘farmville valley or ‘lake of myspace bands’. The map is really inclusive so be sure to get all the details as well.

The image is compiled Flowtown with consultancy from USA Today, Alexa,com,,,,,,,, and the Wall Street Journal.

Click map to view larger image

social network map

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  • Jens

    What about all of the non-english like QQ (+400 mill. users), renren(+40mill. users) or Vkontakte(82 mill.users) ? just to name a few.

  • admin

    Hi Jens,

    Absolutely a good point, this seems more like the western world social media map.
    It could be interesting to see it for the whole world.


  • rhbjorn

    No Stickam?

  • I can see tumblr and blogspot but I don’t see wordpress…. or did I miss it?


    I found a few interesting ones to keep an eye on. I like the receding glaciers of AOL haha.. It’s rather mountainous 

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  • MasterWalpha

    Facebook is the new China but YouTube gets it’s own island. Like Australia!!!

  • MasterWalpha

    What is the total population? Did anyone find out yet?

  • sayquote


  • Heh, this is a pretty good way of summarising it. These estate agents in peterborough use Facebook quite a lot when advertising newly available properties.