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Don’t disregard Puma as a brand with much at stake during World Cup!

Puma might not be the first brand you think of when associating to Soccer, World Cup or players such as C. Ronaldo og W. Rooney, but Puma is in fact sponsor of many national football teams and will be well-represented in South Africa…

The puma will be seen on the chest of the teams; Algeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, Italy, Switzerland and Uruguay and players such as; Eto, Drogba, Gattuso and Cannavaro.

What I like about the commercial “Journey of Football” is, that the focus is directed towards the native Africans, the streets of the African cities and kids playing in bare feet. It leaves me in a different mood than Nike and “Write the Future” – not a better mood, but a different one with more attention towards the hosting country, and what makes this World Cup so special…

Furthermore I’m impressed with the entire “Love equals Football” campaign which Puma is running and can be found not only on their website, but also on Facebook and Youtube.

Many bloggers and marketers are writing about Nike vs Adidas and of course say that Nike is leading with a great margin in connection to World Cup campaign activities. But perhaps Puma is beating Adidas too?

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