It’s called Flattr (don’t get me to say it out loud), it’s a Swedish start-up and it’s all about bringing economy into that part of the web where individuals spend a lot of time, creating great content.

Flattr is a social micro-payment platform that lets you donate to the things you like and thereby support the people you would like to continue.

This is how it works
As a Flattr user you pay a small fee every month. During that month, you push the Flattr button on the sites you like. At the end of the month your fee will be divided by the number of Flattr buttons you have pushed and that amount will be distributed to the people you have flattr’ed.

How to get a Flattr button on your site
You need to give to get. All Flattr users are part of a social payments system and you must use at least 2 Euros per month to flattr others. You must be willing to give to get. So before you can get flattr’ed you need to add some funds for flattr’ing others. On your Flattr account, your will therefore have two balances – one for flattering and one for revenue.

In my opinion the general idea behind Flattr is really interesting for small businesses, start-ups and individuals trying to make a living by contributing with great content in various forms to the world.

To make Flattr a success, some people must be using it only give, or else it will just be a swap of money platform. If it’s only from a give and get perspective you can argue that it will still be good for the ones receiving more than they give (revenue-wise), but my bet is that all creators of content believe they have something good to offer, and if they don’t receive anything, they will probably stop giving.

From Mindjumpers as a start-up, it’s an interesting idea to explore. We spend quite a lot of resources on researching and drawing insights on social media, and sharing those through our blog. Right now for month long period, our blog is being read in more than 75 countries and I would really like to put more resources into the work, so that we can deliver more and even better content, but for that we need a revenue plan for the blog. I don’t believe too much in the traditional advertising model for revenue for a blog like ours, so it has to be something else. A micro donating platform might be the answer.

Being a first-mover on the platform is probably going to cost you more than you get – but hey, we have to give to someday maybe, and just maybe, get!

See the short video about Flattr below – the style of the video reminds a little about the Commen Craft videos: