An important date
The United Nations has designated 26thJune as the International Day Against Torture to emphasize the importance of the right to personal dignity and security of all individuals around the world, guaranteed within the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Through joined efforts from bloggers all over the world, today will hopefully be a day where people pay attention this important issue.

We have chosen to use this day and this blog post to pay tribute to people fighting on this cause everyday and the fact that torture is much closer to you than you think.

Through the last 8 months we at Mindjumpers have been working closely together with a very dedicated team of people at the NGO, International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims.The IRCT is a global organisation that is the umbrella for more than 140 independent torture rehabilitation organisations in more than 70 countries. Each year their members treat more than 100,000 torture survivors and their families. The IRCT has over 25 years’ experience.

World Without Torture
World Without Torture is a global proactive community, a movement of people who share a dream and fight for a World Without Torture. It was launched on Facebook in May 26, 2010 and got more than 2000 supporters from 40 different countries in the first two weeks. By joining the community people can make a difference by:

• Raising awareness about torture
• Breaking the silence surrounding torture
• Learning about torture issues that the world is facing today
• Hearing the untold stories of victims of torture and let them know that their voices are being heard
• Helping keep their stories alive – if we forget, we accept
• Celebrating and supporting the people who fight torture around the world every day
• Participating in discussions and activities

Torture is closer to you than you think
A lot of people in the western world think that torture is far away. But in fact, it could not be any longer from the truth. Torture is by far not only a physical pain, the real torture is often the mental aspect afterwards, the struggle to go on with life, living with a terrible pain.

Everyday in our western society in the western world, we live among refuges that have been tortured, humans going through the worst imagining pain everyday. The families of torture victims are of course very inflicted and so are you, they are your colleagues, your friends, the guy driving the cap, delivering your pizza, they can be your teacher, your boss, it could be the family of your child’s best friend.

So if you think it’s far away and no concern of yours – stop – and start acting!

I call upon everybody with just a bit of kindness within, to start putting pressure on governments around the world to stop torture. Start supporting those people fighting everyday helping the victims of torture! Start to care about the humans inflicted by torture, the victims, the survivors – if not for anybody else, do it for yourself!

This post is dedicated to the people working at the 170 RCT (Torture Rehabilitation Centers) around the world, the men and woman that have chosen to stand in the front line, spending their lives to help others – these people get my outmost respect and tribute.