A few days ago I wrote a post about Guldägget (The Golden Egg), the most prestigious advertisement award in Sweden. We made a presentation about 7 best practices of the nominees in the category Interactivity Other Digital Media. They all shared the qualities of having strong impacts, engagement and a high level of creativity. Yesterday, the 15th of April was the final gala and the winners were presented.

Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of Guldägget 2010 in the category Interactivity is: – wait for it – The Samsung Shakedown campaign!

We wrote about the campaign on our blog early February when it was launched, founding it great as a best practice of how to use social media marketing.  With a complete focus on people and interaction – they have covered an important part of social media and used it wisely.

The campaign website showed a live-stream of 70 mobiles on a table. To win one of them you had to call a number followed by the number on the phone. The phone started to vibrate when getting your call, and if it fell off the table on to the floor or into the aquarium – you won it. It’s a case to learn from.

The purpose of the campaign was to increase the awareness of their new mobile phone Samsung B2001 and demonstrate its benefits in a more amusing way. The campaign leaves no room for people to feel like they are being tricked or led up the garden path. The product is put on the test without any glamour or effects.

The campaign creates interactivity both by putting audience into competition and by making them able to watch their phone call in action. Live-streaming in itself proves to be an interesting tool and when we can affect things happening from our own chair in front of our computer – it’s even more interesting.

The mobile phone model B2001 has been popular within a certain target group. With its qualities – survives both falling into water and down on the ground – it’s been categorized as a phone for the building industry. But who hasn’t dropped their phone and ended up with costs and a long period of waiting to get a new one without being a construction worker? I guess I’m not the only one. The campaign opens up for a wider audience in a smart way; it lets everyone with access to a phone participate and make it amusing thanks to the simple but yet so creative standard.

We congatulate both the agency and Samsung with the Golden Egg.

Check out our best practices of how companies have gained value by using social media or go to Slideshare and download the presentation: