5 Useful Facebook Apps

If you have a Facebook page or profile that you want to promote. Here are 5 Facebook apps that might come in handy.

1. Static FBML
I have previously mentioned this very useful app. If you want to customize your fan page, you can’t really escape using it. You have to add it to your page and then you can create your own tabs with content using html or fbml. You can also add it to the sidebar on wall and thereby create small boxes with featured content or create something that looks like a menu with links.

2. RSS Graffiti
There are several ways to incorporate content from other sites into the Facebook platform. One way is using this app that allows you to publish multiple RSS/ATOM feeds on the wall of your profile, group or fan page. Add the app to your page or group and enter the feeds you want to publish.

3. NetworkedBlogs
If you run a blog I like this app more. It also grabs your blog feed, but the blog is shown in a tab on your fan page instead of being posted to the wall. Another advantage is the fact that the Networked Blogs is a network within the network with an ability to follow blogs and have others follow you as well.

4. Slideshare
If you have uploaded your presentations to Slideshare, it may be a good idea to add the Slideshare app and feature your presentations on your fan page. You can add the app in a tab or in a box that can be moved to the wall. Just connect it to your Slideshare profile and this way you can share your presentations, documents or PDF files. It is similar to the YouTube app that will show your YouTube channel.

5. Poll
The Poll app is a very good tool to create content on a Facebook Page. Moreover, it gives you the opportunity to get feedback from your readers or customers. You can use the Poll tool to create a question and adding multiple answers. Post the poll on the wall, invite your friends to take it or incorporate it a box or tab.

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