Can Google do anything without creating a buzz? – guess we just don’t hear about if they don’t.

This is not a post with my opinion about Google Buzz. This is a collection of blog posts and articles I found interesting and relevant about the buzz, which in other words means – these are 10 of the articles and posts creating the buzz – the articles and posts that get shared the most on Twitter, Facebook etc.

Before we dig in – have a look at the video from Google (gotta love the music):

You can read more from Google at

Read here what Jeff Jarvis has to say on the ‘BuzzMachine’ about Google’s Buzz(machine)

The declaring war on everybody article ‘Google Buzz: Google Takes on Twitter, Facebook & Even Foursquare‘ from Matt McGee at Search Engine Land.

If you want to read ‘What it means for Twitter and Facebook’ – get it here from Mashable. See it in action? Mashable of course has a profile.

If you rather want to read the ‘Quicktake: What Google Buzz Means’ its delivered to you by Jeremiah Owyang at the

Or the always need to read angle ‘Google Buzz: 5 things you need to know’ from O’Reilly Answers.

What does the competitors say? from TechCrunch by Michael Arrington, a short take on Microsoft’s opinion ‘Microsoft Slams Google Buzz’.

Or combining another great Goggle product to create even a larger buzz, also from TechCrunch this one by MG Siegler ‘If Google Wave is the The Future, Google Buzz is The Present’.

Some foreseen obstacles by Alex William from Read Write Web ‘Google Buzz in Enterprise – Will Need to Overcome Google Apps Limitations‘.

Interested in the email aspect – Bobbie Johnson from the Guardian ‘Google to turn email into social network

Why Google won’t give Twitter or Facebook a buzz cut tomorrow’ that’s a catchy title from by Robert Scoble.