Balls of Pride

The gay and lesbian alliance against defamation, GLAAD is working to amplify the voice of the LGBT community. The general view and acceptance of gay people have increased but there is still lot of work to be done. One of their challenges is: straight men. Most straight men are pro-gay but have a hard time talking about it. How can they make it easier for hetero men to have the balls to say they are pro-gay?

Their solution is to get their girlfriends to say it for them. They can tag their boyfriend in a Ball of Pride statement on Facebook saying they love that their boyfriend are pro-gay. Pro-gay and unquestionably straight at the same time. For each statement people automatically also donate balls. Rubber balls. The ones that are going to fill a pool for people to jump into on the Pride Week 2011. The balls that representing the straight pro-gay peoples acceptance and their balls to show their view. On their Ball Wall on their Facebook page you will be able to follow the amount of people tagged in the statements.

Using Facebook tagging system is a smart way to get attention about the campaign. Our pictures of us represent who we are – and GLAAD is doing a great work connecting their statement to people’s identity.

Balls of Pride from Jacob Sempler on Vimeo.

Case: Fans Also Love Telling The Good Brand Stories

Case: Fans Also Love Telling Good Brand StoriesBuilding a presence in social media can be terrifying for many brands. Putting oneself ‘out there’ equals no control of what people are saying about you.

The power is in the hands of the customers, and there’s nothing you can do to prevent an individual expressing their opinion – other than of course trying to deal with it in the right way. Any kind of post or comment doesn’t just disappear by itself. And as we have seen so many times, one bad story just leads to another because fans start relating to each other. This is what all brands fear in social media. (more…)