An Average Day on Facebook [Infographic]

Average day1Who is an average Facebook user and how do his activities on Facebook look like? This question needs to be reflected upon by everyone working with Facebook, since it is what we base our strategies on.

Here is an infographic, created by JESS3, a creative agency that examines engagement statistics of Facebook users and identifies what an average Facebook user looks like.

According to this, in 2008 the average user was 33 years of age and with more and more people joining Facebook, the average is now 38. Compared with other social networks, Facebook users are the most engaged. 52% visit Facebook daily, beating out others for daily visitors, such as Twitter (36%), Myspace (7%) and LinkedIn (6%).

Take a look at the infographic and let us know if you are an average Facebook user 🙂


Why Customised Content is (still) growing

Our computers are getting faster and stronger and according to Moore’s law their processing power will double every year from now on. This means that we are experiencing a consistent and ever increasing amount of information, data and images when we are online. We acknowledge some of it – but ignore most. Consequently customised content has become key in today’s marketing.