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About Mindjumpers

Mindjumpers is a social media management company
specialized in creating conversations for some of the world’s leading brands

We rely on a high level of trust to take care of brands, which is why we aim to be the best. We oversee all or parts of social media management – from editorial structures and content strategies to moderation and response.

Through our world-wide business network of local social media managers, we execute social media initiatives across the globe in a structured, quality assured and cost effective way that creates effect and value for your brand.

What we do?

Social Media Management

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How about some completely random facts about us?

pieces of content created for clients
countries where we have activated brands
facebook apps built for clients
songs listened to while working

Content might be King, Queen, Prince and the Court Jester, but context is the Crown


We’ve had the pleasure of working
with some of the largest brands in the world

The Skype Collaboration Project

Carlsberg Group

Elton John AIDS Foundation

Ben & Jerry’s Nordic

We love working with


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We are Mindjumpers

Curiosity, dedication and a pinch of craziness!

If you want to be part of our team, we are now looking for a Developer, a Controller and a Social Media Planner.

member photo

Jonas Klit Nielsen

CEO & Founder / +4520407091
member photo

Anne Herngaard

Content Director
member photo

Erwin Wessels

Head of Technical Development
member photo

Frida Kristensson

Account Director / +4531727055
member photo

Mads Freundt

Account Director / +4527142895
member photo

Janne Aunvig

Account Director
member photo

Rochelle Norwood

Brand Care Manager
member photo

Iara De Castro

Brand Care Manager
member photo

Morten Skøtt

Brand Care Manager
member photo

Maikie Kanstrup Andersen Kruse

Brand Care Manager
member photo

Nina Siig Simonsen

Digital Project Manager
member photo

Peter Doe

Digital Project Manager
member photo

Nadja Christensen

Brand Care Manager
member photo

Christopher J. Zimmerman

Data Strategist
member photo

Johan Kjærgaard

member photo

Stine Thorhauge

Content Creator & Copywriter
member photo

Simone C. Møller

Interaction - & Content Designer
member photo

Mette Kock-Hansen

Content Creator
member photo

Kasper Kaas Larsen

member photo

Morten Staghøj

Jr. Brand Care Manager
member photo

Fie Lyster Nielsen

Jr. Content Creator
member photo

Kremena Nikolova

Jr. Developer
member photo

Torben Lyse Nielsen

Jr. Brand Care Manager
member photo

Mia Parsbæk Pedersen

Jr. Brand Care Manager
member photo

Jarl Schmidt

Jr. Content Creator
member photo

Claire Spackman

PR & Marketing Assistant
member photo


The Dog


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Mindjumpers Aps, Kristianiagade 8, 4th floor, 2100 Copenhagen Ø, Denmark
Mindjumpers London Limited, 1st Floor, 8 Shepherdess Walk, London N1 7LB, United Kingdom


 +45 3333 7091

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Let us know if you have any questions, ideas or inquiries  – no matter how outrageous or crazy they might be.

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